PWP® has developed a wide array of resources to support the development of networks that are geared towards flexible and creative approaches. 

We Believe….

That all Behaviour is Functional

We don’t always have to like the behaviour, but by understanding the need it is meeting, we can better support the individuals we work with.  Find the function and seek alternatives!  PWP© believes that through a process based understanding of diagnosis and behaviours, teams are able to foster a responsive, solution focused approach.

Everyone CAN and DESERVES to Experience Success

How we define success is, and should be different from one individual to another regardless of abilities, disabilities, diagnosis or situations. What is considered success for one person may not be considered success for another. Rather than attaching value to the definition we need to allow success to be different and equivalent

In The Importance of Shared Goals

If we are working towards success we must have a shared understanding of what success is and when we have achieved it. To say that we collaborate with a team is not enough – the team needs to develop and agree upon a shared goal so that appropriate actions can be completed. This is achieved with shared goals. 

If you don’t Like the “OUTPUT”, Change the “INPUT”

When the outcomes of our plans and goals aren’t what we hoped for, we need to focus on adapting what goes into that system in order to get the desired results. This allows us to move away from blame language and maintain “team” without relinquishing accountability or responsibility.  


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Frequency Asked Questions

How can I use or share the resources?

The resources shared on this website are intended to be shared and used! Most have been developed in collaboration through partnerships. Each of our resources are available with a copywrite so sharing beyond their original intent requires PWP® permissions. Contact us!

Can I present Professionals without Parachutes?

Professionals without Parachutes is a registered trademark service. As per copywrite law, individuals are welcome to share copywrited content and resources that have been made public on this site but can not represent themselves as PWP®. 

Do you travel to do presentations?

Yes! PWP® is happy to travel to you, regardless of your location! Contact us and let’s discuss your needs!